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Tarpon on a yoyo

This very nice size tarpon was caught on a cuban yoyo from a kayak by TeamGoogan.  The man not only wrangles tarpon with his bare hands but apparently even takes phone calls and handles business at the same time.  Here is the video description from this angler:

“Poseidon runs South Beach when it comes to tarpon fishing. Cuban yoyo all day, answering phone calls, from a kayak, enough said… Get on my level. This is expert level googan, do not try at home! Tight lines, and run that dog!”  (small edit for language on the description)

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Sailfish on a YoYo

TeamGoogan is at it again, this time with a beautiful sailfish.  This is extreme handline fishing at its best.  Here is a quote from the man himself:


“Continuing with the handline tradition, I landed a sailfish on the Cuban yoyo. The fish was caught on June 29, 2014 off Pompano Beach, FL. I was fishing from my Ocean Kayak Trident 11 Angler in around 150′ using a live gog on 60# Momoi Diamond mono. The fight time was 8 minutes. Tight lines, Googan out!!!”


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